Corporate Profile / Organization Chart

Corporate Overview

Corporate Name

Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

Date of Establishment

April 1, 2015


10 billion yen (100% funded by Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.)


Takashi HIGO, Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer
(Managing Executive Officer of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)


145.6 billion yen (FY2018)


1,136 (as of April 1, 2019)

Business Purposes

  • On-site energy services
  • Regional energy services (district heating and cooling systems)
  • Construction and maintenance services of cogeneration systems
  • Planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of energy-related facilities.
    Sales for related facilities including LNG Receiving Terminals, high and medium pressure pipelines, gas supply facilities, power generating facilities, energy utilizing facilities, etc.
  • Collection and regeneration of various contaminated soil and water
  • Geographic Information System and related administrative work including software development and sales, construction /updating data, equipment sales, etc.
  • Various surveys/research and consulting

Head Office

Shiodome Shibarikyu Building, 1-2-3, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan


Other Offices

  • Nagano Area Office
  • Kyushu Area Office
  • Okinawa Area Office

Associated Companies

  • TGES (Shanghai) LNG Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • TGES America Ltd.
  • Niihama LNG Co., Ltd.
  • Aqueduct Mapping System Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Rigakukensa Co., Ltd.

Directors & Company Auditor

Board of Directors & Company Auditor

Director, Chairman Yutaka KUNIGO
Representative Director & President Takashi HIGO (Managing Executive Officer of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd .)
Representative Director Masami TAKAYANAGI
Director Hiroshi TAKIKAWA
Director Taku MINAMI
Director Takashi NAKAO
Director Tatsuyoshi SAKAI
Director Atsuhi TAKEUCHI
Director Eigo OKUMURA
Auditor Tadashi NARUSHIMA

Executive Officers

President & Chief Executive Officer Takashi HIGO
Senior Managing Executive Officer & COO Masami TAKAYANAGI
Senior Managing Executive Officer & COO Hiroshi TAKIKAWA
Senior Managing Executive Officer & COO Taku MINAMI
Managing Executive Officer & COO Takashi NAKAO
Managing Executive Officer & COO Tatsuyoshi SAKAI
Managing Executive Officer Masakazu HISINUMA
Executive Officer Nobuhiko TSUI
Executive Officer Akira HIROTANI
Executive Officer Takehiko AIDA
Executive Officer Satoshi BABA
Executive Officer Hiroshi SAITO
Executive Officer Yoshiharu HIRANO
Executive Officer Yasuo HASHIMOTO
Executive Officer Seiichi UCHINO
Executive Officer Akira INUKAI


Advisor Keiichi SAKATA
Advisor Hideshi UEDA