LNG & Pipeline Engineering


Project owner

Bangladesh from Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation

Project name

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study and Engineering Services for Construction of Two no’s Land Based LNG Terminal

Contract Period

July 2017~July 2018

Scope of Work

Feasibility study and engineering services on candidate sites for constructing onshore LNG receiving terminal selected by project owner. The study verifies and evaluates the sites with basic design in consideration of :
- Technical requirements
- Environmental considerations
- Economic efficiency
- Other and all of project owner's requests


Project owner

Petro Vietnam Gas Project Management Consultant Company

Project name

Petro Vietnam Gas Fast Track LNG Receiving Terminal Project

LNG Tank Capacity

100,000 m3 ×1

Site area

55,000 m2

Scope of Work

  • Basic design for LNG Receiving Terminal.
  • - Jetty
    - LNG storage tank
    - Terminal equipment and facilities
  • Preparation of ITB (Invitation to Bid) technical package for LNG Receiving Terminal EPC (Engineering / Procurement / Construction)
  • Estimation of budgetary cost for EPC


Project owner

Hokkaido Gas Co.,Ltd.

Project name

Ishikari LNG Receiving Terminal

Completion date

November 2012

Scope of Work

TGES awarded the Full-turnkey EPC Project as EPC Contractor and successfully completed the Project including :
- Jetty and Berth for LNG carriers
- Above ground full containment LNG storage tank
- LPG spherical tanks
- LNG vaporizers
- Other all of associated equipment and facilities for gas send-out

TGES has continuously awarded and execute the expansion EPC project, such as additional LNG Storage tank, LPG spherical tank, LNG vaporizer, etc.