Key Fact

Over 50 Years in LNG Industry

TGES has experienced Engineering in LNG industry for over 50 years. We will continuously offer valuable solutions to our clients, related to LNG terminal/gas pipeline based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

Over 100 LNG Service Projects

TGES has executed engineering service through over 100 projects of LNG terminal and gas pipeline in countries all around the world.

Wide Range of Engineering and O&M services for LNG Receiving Terminal

TGES can offer a wide range of Engineering such as FS, FEED, EPC, PMC and O&M for Onshore and Offshore terminal including FSRU.

No.1 Heat Supplier in Japan

TGES is ranked as number one out of 79 heat suppliers in Japan for both heat sales volume and heat sales. Shinjuku district heating and cooling, constructed and operated by us, is our world-class project.
Along with Japanese economic growth, TGES has been playing a key role in district heating and cooling development in Japan for more than 45 years.

Over 600 Energy Service Projects

TGES has created advanced solutions to various problems facing our customers, and the number of completed energy service projects all over Japan currently reaches 600. We are actively continuing to be acknowledged for project excellence.

Laser Methane Unique Technology

A laser type gas detector “Laser methane mini” developed by TGES is used by worldwide natural gas and petroleum companies. Our unique technology contributes to the workability and the safety in gas leakage inspection.