Winning order of Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for Yung-An LNG Terminal in Taiwan.

Commencement of power supply by Itoman Bio-Energy Co., Ltd. (invested by TGES) using biogas from Itoman Purification Center.

Start of operation of VPP combining photovoltaic power generation / storage battery and CGS based on power generation / power demand forecast in buildings.

Participation in Thailand's first urban cooling and power distribution business in One Bangkok, located at the center of Bangkok, Thailand

Start of smart energy business in Kiyohara Industrial Park.

Establishment of TGES Smaene Service Co., Ltd.


Establishment of Niihama LNG Co., Ltd

Completed second plant at the Tamachi Smart Energy Center and started supplying heat and electricity

Participated in "local production for local consumption type power generation and waste heat utilization business promoted by public-private partnership" in Itoman Okinawa Prefecture

Participated in the largest woody biomass power generation project in Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture

Completed construction work to improve the environmental performance of the Shinjuku District Heating and Cooling Center

Begins operation of second energy service project by gas cogeneration in Malaysia

Launched "in-bottle liquid inspection system" for event venues

Exterior wall diagnostic service by self-propelled robot "Blue crawler" starts

Launched Okinawa sales branches

Winning order of the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for Nong Fab LNG Terminal in Thailand.


Launched new sales branches in Kyushu and Nagano.

Construction order for the Ibaraki Trunk Line received from Tokyo Gas.

Winning order of the feasibility study for the LNG Terminals in Bangladesh

The Helionet Advance starts offering automatic control optimization services.

Decision to forge ahead with the Niihama LNG terminal project is made.


Launch of Kiyohara Industrial Park Energy Center Project.

Relocation of the head office to Shidome Shibarikyu Building.


Establishment of Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation by the merger of Energy Advance Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is renewed for the Kamatahigashi District Heating and Cooling Center.

Begins operation of Higashishinagawa District Heating and Cooling Center.

Obtained ISO27001 (Digital Mapping Technology Department).

Begins heat sharing between factories of different industries across public roads in Yokohama City
(Received the ECCJ Chairman's Prize in the FY2016 Energy Conservation Grand Prize)

Establishment of TGES America Ltd.


Begins Tamachi Sma Ene Park, a smart energy network project.
(Received Minister' s Award for Economy, Trade and Industry in the FY2016 Energy Conservation Grand Prize)


Establishment of GAS MALAYSIA ENERGY ADVANCE Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia, which is a joint venture company of Energy Advance Co., Ltd. and Gas Malaysia Berhad.

Beginning of the interchanges of thermal energy between the District Heating and Cooling Centers in Shinjuku and Shinjuku Nishiguchi.

Launched a compact and high efficiency gas cogeneration system "XIA"
Construction order for LNG satellite and photovoltaic facility received from Morioka Gas.

Construction order for LNG satellite received from Kamaishi Gas.

Construction order for heat quantity adjustment facility for Akita branch received from Tobu Gas.


Launch of Shinjyuku Shintoshin District Project.

Launch of Tamachi- District Smart Energy Network Project

Supply electricity to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings.

Construction order for LNG Storage Tank No. 2 for the Ishikari LNG Terminal received from Hokkaido Gas.

Construction order for LNG Receiving Terminal for domestic vessel in Akita received from Tobu Gas.

Support service request for expansion of Thai LNG Terminal received.


Establishment of Overseas Business Development Department

40th Anniversary of Shinjuku District Heating and Cooling Center.

Construction order for port factory rehabilitation received from Sendai Municipal Gas Bureau.

Construction order for Hitachi LNG Terminal received from Tokyo Gas.


Construction order for the stations of Shin Negishi Trunk Line and Yokohama Trunk Line (second phase) received from Tokyo Gas.


Comprehensive Utility service begins for existing plants
Business alliance in energy saving analysis for steam boilers.

Construction order for the Central Line for Shizuhama Trunk Line received.


Establishment of the Regional Energy Services Department

Establishment of TGE Shanghai
Construction order for the Ishikari LNG Terminal received from Hokkaido Gas.

Construction order for the Naoetsu LNG Terminal received from International Petroleum Exploration Corporation (INPEX).


Introduction of boiler-based energy services
Installment of power generator to Makuhari District Heating and Cooling Center
Construction order for Chiba-Kashima Line Station received from Tokyo Gas.


Begins Comprehensive Utility Service.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) order at the LNG Peak Shaving Station received from Shanghai Gas.


Begins operation of cogeneration plant installing large capacity Wärtsilä gas engine.

Obtained privacy mark


First LNG Satellite Project.

Begins sales of the Bottle Liquid Checker


First On-site Energy Service.

Construction order for the Minamifuji Trunk Line received from Minamifuji Pipeline.


Establishment of Energy Advance Co., Ltd. The primary business area is focused on District Heating and Cooling.

Construction order for the Hakodate LNG Base received from Hokkaido Gas.


Construction order for the Onoda Satellite Base received from Yamaguchi Gohdoh Gas.


Construction order for the LNG underground tank for the Nagasaki Base received from Seibu Gas.


Obtained ISO 9001 approval


Construction order for the LNG underground storage tank received from Shimizu LNG.


Total construction order for the LNG Receiving Base at the port factory received from Sendai Municipal Gas Bureau.


Establishment of Aqueduct Mapping System Co., Ltd.

Begins sales of TES (central heating system)


Establishment of fields and sectors for Geographic Information System and Energy Facilities Engineering


Computer Mapping System made more generic and commercialized.


Construction order for gas holders for Taiwan received as the first order from overseas.


Begins taking full-scale construction orders such as large industrial furnaces


Establishment of Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.