FS – Feasibility Study for LNG terminals/gas pipelines

FS (Feasibility Study) is an evaluation of a possibility to realize a project from an economic perspective.

TGES conducts conceptual design related to LNG terminals and pipelines from the viewpoint of project owner in terms of schedule, cost, safety and reliability, considering the following data.
 -External factor (energy policy, laws, regulations, economic, etc.)
 -Circumstance (market, competitor, etc.)
 -Site condition (soil, sea, climate, etc.)
Economic evaluation will be carried out based on the conceptual design to help owner’s decision making and TGES supports to realize the project.

FEED – Front End Engineering and Design for LNG terminals/gas pipelines

FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) is carried out after FS (Feasibility Study) to develop the technical requirements to be issued as ITB for EPC bidding.

The FEED includes :
 -Process analysis
 -Terminal layout
 -Equipment specifications and data sheets
 -Civil and structure design
 -Piping specification and layout
 -Risk assessment. (HAZOP / SIL / QRA)
TGES conducts FEED related to LNG terminals and pipelines from the viewpoint of project owner based on the experience acquired through long term O&M service.
(TGES also provides the service to review and verify the FEED Package developed by others.)
In addition, TGES provides EPC contractor selection service on behalf of owners.

EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction for LNG terminals/gas pipelines

EPC is to implement and complete the site construction through Engineering, Procurement and Construction stages.

These three stages are performed consequently and/or simultaneously.
Even though Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd (a parent company of TGES) is Terminal owner, Tokyo Gas has been constructing LNG receiving terminals and gas pipelines taking the position of “owner” and executes the project management of EPC, such like:
 - Managing relationship with local community and environmental issue
 - Laws / regulations compliance
 - Strict safety, quality, schedule and cost management
 - Sub-contractor and vendor control and management
Accumulating experiences through above project execution, TGES can provide EPC service as “Owner oriented” EPC Contractor, and also can manage other EPC contractor on behalf of owners as “PMC” (Project Management Consultant).

O&M – Operation and Maintenance for LNG terminals/gas pipelines

O&M, Operation and Maintenance, is carried out in order to achieve safe, stable, low cost and environmentally friendly energy supply.

TGES has been managing operation for LNG receiving terminals and pipelines of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Through the above long term service, TGES has :
 - Established a number of standards and procedures for operation and maintenance based on huge amount of data accumulated through actual terminal operation for over 50 years
 - Conducted a number of troubleshooting to solve unexpected problem and accumulated abundant know-how for solution making

Through the above experiences, TGES can optimize operation and maintenance, such as establishing proper maintenance interval for each equipment, to achieve high economic efficiency. In addition, TGES also supports the clients by offering technical solutions to remove the problems.