Strength in Energy Service

Reliable Maintenance Support Based on our Accumulated Knowledge and Know-how.

TGES has an extensive experience of having installed more than 600 MW of combined heat and power systems. Also as an owner of facilities, we have provided energy service to more than 600 customers.
By utilizing the operational data collected via our unique remote monitoring system, Helionet Advance, TGES has been providing appropriate measures to correct and prevent failures in Japan. With the expertise and experience in Japan as well as sound relationships with various manufacturers, TGES will provide highly reliable & cost-effective operation and maintenance support to our customers globally.

Invisible Skills and Bargaining Power Dependent on our Abundant Experience

Our rich experience built through years of engineering and operating energy systems as an owner, and working with different manufacturers has enabled us to develop our operating skills and strengthen negotiating power with multiple manufacturers including both domestic and leading overseas companies.

ICT Demand Response for Advanced Operation Support

TGES helps customers to tackle barriers of energy efficiency through offering comprehensive energy services applying ICT(Information and Communication Technology) to analyze, forecast and optimize the supply and demand automatically. Our next-generation energy management enables further stable operation of plant and reduction in cost.