Methane Gas detector “Laser Methane mini”

Laser methane mini™ is an explosion-proof laser type gas detector that can instantaneously find any methane leakage remotely and detect methane and methane-containing gas (such as natural gas) with a laser.


  • Intrinsically safe structure
  • High-speed and sensitivity measurement and detection
  • Small and light
  • Measurable both outdoors and indoors
  • Graphic display of measurement results
  • Wide operating temperature range (-17℃ to +50℃)
  • Long continuous operating time(approx. 4 hours at 25℃, Display Level 4 Blinking mode)
  • Wireless connection with Android device (*optional)
  • The green laser pointer’s excellent visibility


Gas to be measured

Methane (CH4) and methane-containing gases (natural gas or similar)

Measurable level


Measurable accuracy

±10% Measuring range : 100 to 1,000ppm-m

Measuring Speed


Measurable distance

0.5m to 30m
0.5m to 100m (using a reflect sheet)

Power Supply

Dedicated rechargeable battery

Continuous Operation Time

(at25℃, Display level : 4 Blinking Mode)

Laser Safety Class※2

Guide light : Class3R
Measurement light : Class1
(IEC 60825-1 : 2007)

Intrinsically Safe Category

(EN 60079-0 : 2012 , EN 60079-11 : 2012,EN 60079-28 : 2007)


EN 61326-1 : 2013

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature range : –17~50℃
Splash-proof and dust-proof structure (IP54)

Dimension and weight

600g or less (including a battery)

Minimum detectable sensitivity may depend on the reflector/reflecting object and detecting distance.