Merits of our On-site Energy Service

Key Features of On-site Energy Service

1. One-stop Service Engineering Solutions for Utilities.

When it comes to the needs concerning saving electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and upgrading equipment, every customer is different. There are plenty of risks associated with investment, ownership of assets and operation management. Our on-site energy services free our customers from all of these issues. Whether the needs involve energy, water, air or something else, we provide comprehensive utility services that meet every requirement.

2. No Initial Investment

TGES invests into their own assets, which includes combined heat and power systems and other types of equipment. Therefore, customers can eliminate the burden of initial investment.

3. Maintenance Cost Levelization

TGES performs maintenance for unexpected failure without additional cost for customers. Customer can level maintenance cost and avoid risk during the terms of contract.

4. Enhancement of Energy Security.

TGES can give consideration to energy security. Multiplexing electricity source and securing power source in case of emergency by combined heat and power empower customers to minimize the impact should an emergency arises.

Energy Management

The four essential steps for tailor-made solutions.

Only Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions (TGES) can provide "one-stop solutions" for all the utility.
Professionals from the energy planning, engineering, and maintenance fields work closely together with dedication and responsibility to "design" and "create" the best utility solutions that fit individual customer’s requirements and circumstances.

Energy Audits

We analyze our customers' energy usages, applying a broad range of diagnostic techniques. This lets us identify where, how and how much we can improve.

Proposing Solutions

Not just limited to energy, we offer comprehensive services for utilities, including water and air.


Highly experienced engineers design tailor-made systems, focusing on lifecycle costs.


We provide cost-efficient, reliable and speedy services that draws upon our experience in dealing with different equipment over the years, working closely with equipment manufactures.