Single–End Type Radiant Tube

Single-End Type Radiant Tube is an energy-saving type burner with a built-in recuperator in the head section.


  • Uniform distribution of tube surface temperature and high durability compared with the conventional straight type and U-type
  • Wide range of burner combustion and easy to control (PID control and ON/OFF control are possible selectively or in combination)
  • Environmentally friendly burner with low-level emissions of noise and NOx (by EGR system).
  • Easy handling and maintenance
    (The tube can be replaced while the burner is in operation)
  • Operatable on city gas, natural gas, LPG (butane, propane and dilute gas) and various other types of gas such as coke oven gas


Model 80SERT(3B) 100SERT(4B) 150SERT(6B)
Outer tube dia. (mm) 90 115 165
Outer tube max. length (mm) 1,800 2,300 2,300
Max. length input (kcal/hr) Max. 18,000 30,000 60,000
Min. 5,000 7,000 10,000



  • Various atmosphere heat treating furnaces
  • Enameling furnace
  • Fluorine resin baking furnace
  • Glass baking furnace, glass tempering furnace
  • Metal holding furnace, salt bath, liquid heating
  • Air heater