Helionet Advance

The Helionet Advance Monitors our Customers’ Facilities 24 Hours, 365 Days.

Helionet remote monitoring system conducts around-the-clock monitoring of all the equipment. At our monitoring center, we provide comprehensive energy managements, quick responses to any trouble that may arise, and advice on data managements and equipment operation. In addition, Helionet advance handles automatic plant operation optimization and more sophisticated trouble forecast.

Trouble Forecast, Preventive Maintenance and Design Improvement

Remote monitoring system of Helionet Advance carefully checks operational data at customer worksites and detects the signs before a failure occurs. The historical data of each plant and equipment is analyzed to modify the maintenance work and schedule, which results in reduction of maintenance cost and the frequency of long interruption. Our sophisticated know-how and long-term experience actively contribute to improve the design of existing and new plant based on the feedbacks.

Automatic Remote Plant Operation Optimization

In addition to remote monitoring, TGES launches automatic remote plant operation optimization services. Helionet Advance is a device at the customers' site which interfaces with its central system and equipment ranging from combined heat and power system to air compressor in order to control customers' equipment based around electricity/gas cost and the customers' demand forecast which is calculated according to the weather forecast and past demand analysis. This automatic remote plant operation optimization realizes energy-saving and cost-saving operation which has not been able to be achieved by human operator.